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The Importance of Traditions

I just spent a week camping with some of my adult children, their spouses, and friends. As we were sitting around the campfire, Camille, my middle daughter asked me if I was going to tell a story "In the Land of Make Believe." What was funny about this is she is 25 and I used to tell those stories when she was 5 or 6. She wanted to re-live the fond memories of growing up at the campground.

This got me thinking about the importance of creating memories around traditions and in my reading I found out the following:

1. Studies have shown that having traditions can have a profound impact on how much we enjoy life

2. Creating joy around experiences rather than things helps our children look forward with great anticipation to the event and time with family

3. Experiencing traditions allows time for family bonding and stronger connections

4. Traditions provide comfort and security

What are traditions?

  • They are behaviors and actions you engage in again and again

  • They differ from routines and habits in that they are done with a specific purpose

  • They bring about a heightened attentiveness

  • They are something extra that lifts it above the ordinary

  • They add magic and spirit to our everyday lives

My challenge to you is to think about your family and perhaps come up with 3 traditions that you want to start or that you already do. Share them with us and let's learn from each other ways we can create lasting memories for our own families.

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