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The Nest

In our garage we had a box, and in that box we had a remote control car, and in that remote control car we had a bird's amazing nest, that I wanted to keep! (Can you hear the song in the background of those lines?)

We watched as the bird flew back and forth into our grarage all day long, and couldn't find out where she was building the nest. When the eggs hatched a few weeks later we were able to finally get in there and find it. After the nest had served its purpose and the birds had flown away, I worked to pull the materials out of the body of the remote control car. I couldn't believe all the items that were used to create this masterpiece!

sticks, grass, dog hair, dryer lint (blue arrow), string, spider egg sacks (yellow arrow), leaves, and even the cast off skin of a lizzard or snake! (purple arrow)

How incredible to see the size of the sticks that bird brought to create a space for her wee ones. You are working hard now too, homeschooling your children. You are gathering "stuff" from a lot of different places to help your children become materpieces. They will learn from a lot of different materials, experiences, and people. Don't give up on the journey--your children are so blessed to have you investing in their lives in this way.

Find a bird's next--be encouraged--you can do this!

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