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Storytime - Sylvester and the Magic Pebble

This book, by William Steig, is a story that reminds us what the important things in life are. Gather your children together and click the link to listen to me read this 12 1/2 minute long story.

For some follow up activities consider the following:

Discuss hobbies

Vocabulary words: gradually, ceased, vanished, remarkable, shiver, gratified, startled, gnat, panicked, paced, frantic, inquiring, dawn, concluded, dreadful, miserable, howled, aimlessly, alfalfa, sassafras, compote, fetlock

What would you wish for?

How would you escape the lion?

Have you ever done something and wished you hadn't?

Write a creative story about a "magic" object you have.

What do you do to make yourself happy when you are sad?

Discuss the seasons and the changes in weather

Learn about the wolf and it's characteristics. Where do they live?

Go on a picnic

Where would you put the magic pebble to keep it safe?


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