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Kindergarten Curriculum Ideas- Science and Social Studies/History

Science and Social Studies can be difficult topics to teach when just starting out. I love these topics and I want you and your child to love them too!

Social Studies:

  • Rather than focus on history at this young age I like to help the child focus on their place in the world. Talk about your family and then move to learning about their family tree. You can write letters to relatives that live in other parts of the country to add a bit of fun to your study.

  • Discuss their community and the people that work in their community. It is wonderful if you can visit the fire station and the post office, and even the community offices downtown.

  • Learn about the state symbols as well as our American flag and symbols

  • Take care of your neighbors by helping with carrying in groceries or taking out the trash cans

  • Learn one family chore per month

  • Five in a Row is a book that helps you think of activities to do along with quality picture books

  • If you want to start to read about history here are a couple of books to get you started:

  • The Story of the World

  • A Child's History of the World


  • Chart and discuss the weather

  • Play and experiment with water

  • Learn about simple machines

  • Go outside everyday and look for bugs and insects

  • Learn the names of the plants and flowers around your home

  • Start a garden and care for it

  • Get a book on simple science experiments

  • Discuss science while cooking in the kitchen

  • Complete one -two animal studies per week (visit the library)

If you have some additional ideas that have worked for you wee ones - email me and I'll share them.

Most of all I want your children to end the year loving Science and Social Studies and not groaning when you say it's time for school. Have fun and enjoy the adventure!

For more ideas:

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