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I Love You, February!

This is the month we tell those around us that we love them. Do you find that you walk past your family members on a daily basis and forget to let them know how special they are? I do. I think that is why I love this month so much - it reminds me to tell others they are awesome, and in return, they tell me. (Yes, my love language is 'words of affirmation')

We put out mailboxes for each of the members of our family and throughout the month, make an effort to write little notes to each other. It is exciting to walk by our box and see the flag up, announcing "you've got mail!" I have saved these notes over the years and love to look back at the uplifting things we said. I know, we should be doing this throughout the year but somehow, we forget.

Get yourself some mailboxes, put out some paper and pens and share those great, positive messages. You are going to love it!

In addition you can:

  • learn about who Valentine really was

  • make crafts and valentines - check out pinterest for this

  • work on writing skills by signing your name (a million times)

  • collect Bible verses that have the word heart

  • memorize love poems or some Shakespeare

  • make valentines for your neighbors or shut-ins that you may know or for the mailman, the UPS driver, the garbage truck workers, the pool and the lawn guys

  • make a list of all the red things you can find (you have 1 minute)

  • use the letters in Valentine to make new words

  • be on the lookout for hearts in nature and around you - take pictures of them for the month

Do you have ideas? How do you make this month special for your family?

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