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The Bug Scope

One thing I think every family needs is a bug scope. That isn't the actual name of the item but that is what we call it in our family. It is a jeweler's loupe that I found online for $2.95. We have used this scope so many times that I can't imagine homeschooling without it.

What's it for? Well, whenever you see a bug or an insect you can examine it up close and in detail. (It is probably more detail than you wanted but it is so fun!) We have also used it to look at leaves, flowers, bark, shells, rocks, hair, and skin. (Now I'm just getting started.)

Just stopping to look is a great activity but if you want to take it deeper you can have your child sketch what they see. Our world is so amazing, so fascinating, but a lot of it goes undiscovered because we don't see past the surface.

So, get out your wallet and fork over the dough - $2.95 at Rainbow Resource. Or you can get a set of three different magnifications at Amazon for $4.88.

Email me and let me know how much fun you're having!

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