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Playing games is so much fun!

I grew up playing games, and my husband and I have played games with our children since they were very young. When playing games, you are reinforcing skills that your children already have as well as teaching them new ones. Most of the time I bet they don't realize they are learning matching, counting, organizing as well as strategy, thinking skills, and planning ahead. Not only that but it is fun!

Playing together also is a great way to teach the skills of winning and losing gracefully. That is something I had to learn when playing backgammon with my husband. I hated losing! (I still do....) We play three games every day when he gets home from work. This is our time to relax together and talk about the events of the day. Our children love to watch and learn from this too!

Here are some ideas of games you can add to that list that you probably already have:

Candy Land Yahtzee Chess

Go Fish Hand & Foot Monopoly

Crazy 8 Phase 10 Settlers of Catan

Dominoes BananaGrams Rook

Skip-Bo Cribbage

What games does your family like to play? Email and let me know so I can add it to our list! :)

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