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Tea Time - pause a moment...

Having tea-time in your home can add an element of relaxation and elegance. We try to have tea together at least once a week. The children all help set the table with a tablecloth and their special tea cups, as well little chocolates or fruit that we may have around. Someone takes the responsibility of making the cinnamon rolls, (the ones that come in a roll from the supermarket.) Someone else puts on the cream and sugar cubes and then we sit together.

An English woman taught me that Mother always pours, so I start by serving each of the children. After we all have our tea, (or juice for those who don’t like tea) I read to them from our poetry books. The relaxed and refined atmosphere is just calling out for a poem and the children and I pause and enjoy the moment.

During this time of tea and poetry reading, do not analyze the poem. You want to make sure that the children get to hear what the author is saying for themselves without you telling them what you believe they should hear. Read a variety of poems or invite the children to bring their own poem to share. I would also encourage chlldren to always be working to memorize a poem. This builds their vocabulary as well as their pronunciation and speaking skills.

I think you’re going to love this time – if nothing else, the cinnamon rolls are delicious!

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