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Grow a Miracle!

Every year I like to have my children watch the miracle of caterpillars changing to butterflies. We talk about the different stages they go through and their life cycle. Doing this yourself can be easy if you get the kit and invest a couple of weeks of your time to this amazing process! You won’t be disappointed. We have also brought in caterpillars from the yard and watched them transform as well.

Here is where I have purchased the kit and in my search I saw you could also get it from Amazon.

In addition to raising butterflies we have watch ants build a home in their self-contained ant hill. (The lid is escape proof – I promise!) And we have purchased praying mantis egg cases. These are so amazing! When the egg hatches it can produce hundreds of babies. The praying mantis is great for your garden because it eats the bugs but not the plants.

One year I purchased an egg case from Home Depot and when I got home I put it on the table while I took a shower. Can you imagine my shock when I came back to see that the egg had hatched and I had hundreds of baby mantis on my kitchen table! We gathered them up as best we could and put them into jars. Of course you can’t leave them together too long because they start to eat each other. What a great life lesson and a fun memory I have of that day! You may want to learn from my mistake on that one. J

So my challenge to you is to go out and invest in watching the life cycle process. Let me know if you do – It will make my day!

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