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Let's Play Chess!

As you may know, chess is a game that has a lot of benefits and is also fun to play! Why not take a couple of weeks and spend that time learning and playing together. I know you will be glad you did.

Studies show that chess can increase:

  • IQ scores

  • creativity (uses both sides of the brain)

  • It improves memory

  • reading skills

  • problem solving skills

  • concentration and focus skills

Chess also teaches planning and fore-site. People who play chess are less likely to develop dementia. (This makes me want to play right now!)

If you don't know how to play is a place to get started.

Chess would make a creative unit study. Here are some subjects you could cover:

Math - skills developed:

learning how to play

strategy - making predictions

how much the pieces are worth

logical reasoning

use a chess time clock to play

Language Arts:

pretend you are a piece and write a story from their perspective

create a book about how each piece moves

learn to spell the names of the pieces

find literature that uses chess in the story

Social Studies

Learn about famous chess players

Two great movies - true stories:

Queen of Katwe and Searching for Bobby Fischer

Find out how the game was created

Research to see if chess is played around the world

Which country plays and values chess the most?

When Jack beat me at chess, the first thing he did was stick out his little hand and say, "Good game." (I think he has some pretty good social skills!)


Make your own chess pieces out of dough; what kind of dough is the best?

Make predictions on how people respond when they are loosing a game.

Can a computer beat a chess master?

PE & Art

Create/buy a giant lawn chess game and play with a group of friends and family

I like the chess sets that have weighted pieces like the tournament sets.

This link takes you to my husband's favorite board:

Wouldn't lawn chess be so much fun! Let me know if you decide to give chess a try. We could even meet for coffee and have ourselves a game. I need to practice so I can beat Jack!

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