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The Letter

I don't like it when the mailman is on our street. Our dog barks like crazy until she has successfully saved us from the horrors of the invasion. In addition, I find that I am throwing almost all of it into the trash and I can't stand the waste!

I remember when it was exciting to check the mailbox! My husband and I actually dated through the mail and I probably wouldn't be married to him today if it weren't for letter writing.

When was the last time your children wrote a letter? Why not have them put a pen to paper once a week for their writing assignment. I had my children write letters to their grandparents who lived in a different state. As a grandma myself, I know how exciting it would be to get something in the mail from my grand-kids!

Last week, while visiting with one of my families, I saw that their daughter was writing a letter to her friend, both were in kindergarten. What a great idea! You could even find a pen pal and help your children start corresponding across the globe!

I was bit surprised when my adult daughter was unsure of how to address a letter. It is truly a lost art. I will list some books about letter writing and perhaps they will spark an interest in your child.

If you write to me - I'll write back! I would love looking forward to seeing the mailman on my street again!

Book Ideas to get you started:

Mailing May by Michael O. Tunell (a true story)

Click, Clack, Moo - Cows That Type by Droeen Cronin

Euclid Bunny Delivers the Mail by Bruce Koscielniak

Dear Deer by Gene Barretta (a book of homophones)

XO, OX A Love Story by scott Campbell

With Love, Little Red Hen by Alma Flor Ada (letters from characters in different stories)

LaRue Books by Mark Teague (series)

Letters to God by Patrick and Heather Doughtie

Pooh's Letters From the Hundred Acre Wood (

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