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Pause for Thanksgiving

This is one holiday that tends to get skipped over. Why not take a break from your regularly scheduled program to learn a little bit about the history of this celebration! My suggestion is to pick just one or two things to learn about. Next year you can pick another couple of things to add to your knowledge basket. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Who were the Pilgrims? Why did they leave their home to travel to the unknown, risking death? Who are separatists? Who are strangers? Was everyone on the ship friends?

How big was the Mayflower? Where did the boat come from? What happened to the boat called the Speedwell? Look at a cutaway of what the boat looked like. Draw it if you like to draw.

How long was the voyage? What did they eat on the trip? Where did everyone sleep? How long would the same trip be today? What must it have been like to see land? Think about how you feel after just a 2 hour car ride.

Who made up the rules for the people? What is the Mayflower Compact? How many people signed? Why didn't the women sign?

Plymouth Rock is an education too! How big was it? How big is it now? Where is it? Why do people name rocks? How big does a rock have to be to get a name? What would you name a rock if you had one to name?

What was life like that first year? How did they survive the winter? How many people died that first year? How did the rest survive?

Who were the Native Americans? How did they communicate with the Pilgrims? What are some things that the Native Americans taught the pilgrims?

The first Thanksgiving lasted three days. What did they do besides eat? What foods did they serve? Why do we eat turkey on Thanksgiving? Why do we serve the traditional foods that we do? When did Thanksgiving become a holiday?

What are some of your traditional foods? Write down the recipes and keep a memory book of your families Thanksgiving.

Take time to be grateful. Write out what you are thankful for. Let people in your lives know that you appreciate and love them. Know that I am grateful for you - for reading this long list!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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